Essay Writing- Games at Twilight

This is the final version of my Essay Games at Twilight:

In “ Games at Twilight” the mood and atmosphere varies a lot and take a very important role in the story. Through Ravi’s feelings we can see this change.


First of all, i want to focus on Ravi’s feelings when he uses the shed as his perfect place to hide. As soon as he enters, he has mixture of feelings such as “ oppression”, “suffocation” and a “muffled smell, as of graves”; this olfactory image makes the reader feel the atmosphere of death that foreshadows what will happen to Ravi in the end of the story.


Second of all, Ravi spent too much time “daydreaming” and he forgot that he was playing a game and that part of the game was to “touch the den”, this foreshadows that as he forgets one part of the game and he is in the place of the “forgotten things” he will end being forgotten by his family.


Finally, Ravi went out of the shed because he realized that the children were playing another game and he started crying and shouting, “ Den! Den! Den!” This shows how innocent he is and how disappointed he feel when he learnt that they had “forgotten” him, especially when his mother told him “stop it, stop it, Ravi. Don’t act like a baby”, this quotation shows the reader that Ravi is still a kid and that he has a  very long way to maturity.
In conclusion, the atmosphere and the weather develop through Ravi’s feelings and emotions depending on the different situations he had gone through.