The Prison

In literature class, Pato asked us to watch the slidshare she had done with Senior 1 last year. After watching it we were asked to analyze it and compare it with the one we did this year.

Lucía Caviglione &  Abril Teran:

In our opinion the slideshare is very complete, it is full of useful information. After we compared it with the one we did this years we found some diferences:

  1. On the one and, in our presentation, in comparison with the one of last year, we did not add the biography of the author, this is important because some facts of his life might influenced in the story. Another diference is that they analyzed the point of view of the story, which is 3rd person omniscient.
  2. On the other hand, in our slideshare we analyzed determinism and foreshadowing in the story, in comparison with the one created last year. Determinism, in our opinion, is basic for the story because it explains exactly the situation of Tommy, he couldn´t make decisions by his own, his mind was trapped in a “Prison”. Foreshadowing, it is also present when Tommy´s desire was to grab the girl of her neck until she threw up. This was exactly what happened in the end, what Rosa did. In addition, we clarify, that at the end of the story Tony made a decision for his first time, although it was a wrong decision. Finally Rite of Passage is not present in the slideshare of senior 2.