The Big Three Conversation

In our History class, we have been reading about the Treaty of Versailles and The Big Threes. After reading about those topics, Lenny asked us to write a conversation in groups between the Big Three, that were the winners of the war,Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France, David Lloyd George the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Woodrow Wilson the president of United States.

We should included what they thought their countries should get as a compensation for war, their point of view about the fourteen points and the type of punishment Germany should receive. After making the convesation we had to record it in a voicethread us we were one of the members of the Paris Peace Conference. We were also asked to put a slideshare with the process of the work we did and to put some personal comments about the project. I did this with Alexis Stankiewich and Gonzalo Irazusta.

Here is the voicethread we record:

My comments about the project:

  1. Well in my opinion, i think that this was a better way to study because we could understand and learn in a funny way. I think that if we had studied from the book we would have learned but not so detail, specially about the Big Three. I think that if we have read from the book we would not undrestand the topic as much as we did, that’s why i consider this was a great new option to learn
  2. What i really enjoyed of this project was when we were in class with my group and we investigated the topic, with the book and pages on the internet. I think we could all share what we think and we worked together as a group. Also i liked to learn more about the presidents of the Big Three. Knowing about them made us realized how the thought and what were their ideas at that time and at that specific moment of history.
  3. I really liked and enjoy the way we did it I think I learn in a differnt and funny. In my opinion I will not change nothing at all i think the children of Junior 7, will learn and have fun as much as we did.

Un pensamiento en “The Big Three Conversation

  1. This post is very clear and well organised.

    The recording is a bit too fast at times and that makes it difficult to understand, as I said, some special bits in particular.

    The structure of the conversation is clear. Good.

    There are minor pronunciation mistakes.

    The final reflection is an interesting one. I’m glad you enjoyed the work.

    7.5 (Seven fifty)
    Very Good!

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