TP Historia: El gobierno de Stalin visto a través de las inteligencias múltiples

En nuestra clase de historia, estuvimos estudiando acerca del gobierno de Joseph Stalin. Una vez que terminamos con el tema, nuestra profesora Belén nos dividió en grupos y nos asignó hacer 6 actividades, cada una de ellas acorde a una de las inteligencias multiples con las que venimos trabajando en el colegio. Utilizando cada una de las inteligencias multiples debiamos presentar y describir el gobierno de Stalin. Yo trabajé junto a Trinidad Porretti, Juan Elia y Bautista Buljevich. Este es nuetro trabajo:

War Poetry

In our literature class we have been working with the topic of War Poetry. While analyzing we realised that poetry is also a way to analise and understand history. We created a presentation with all the information we found based on some questions our teacher Pat gave us.
I’ve worked with Trinidad Porretti, Abril Teran and Valentina Re.

Inversion- Song

Our language teacher told us too look up for a poem or a song that we like that has inversion. The song I have chosen is “Little do you know” by Alex & Sierra.

Also I found a poem which perfectly show inversion:

Do I need a compass to point my direction to you?
Is there a map to guide my feet that wants to crawl back to you?
This enormous darkness clothing this road
My only guide is this bruised heart that used to glowed

You said I can find you amidst the sea
But these inverted signs confuse the hell out of me
And then I remember that sweet memory in my head
The warmth of your embrace that stopped my loneliness to spread

I found a home in your arms
You’re a home
You’re my home
And I need to go home


Clasificacion de los Procesos

En la clase pasada de tecnologia, nuestro profesor, Norberto Bufi, nos pidio que contaramos que hicimos en su calse ese dia. El Jueves pasado Norberto nos mostro una presentacion de como se clasifican los procesos. En esa presentacion, vimos que se pueden calasificar segun:
LA MATERIA PRIMA, que puede ser, biologica, quimica o fisica
EL PRODUCTO FINAL, que puede ser, continuo o discontinuo.
EL RECURSO PRODUCTIVO, que puede ser, manual, mecanizado o automatico
LA ORGANIZACIÓN DE LA PRODUCCION, que puede ser, flexible, en linea, Intermitentes, por lotes, continuos, por proyectos.

Luego de analizar todos juntos la presentacion, Norberto, nos asigno, en grupos, un categoria. Mi grupo esta conformado por Gonzalo Irasusta, Luz Esteban, Juan De Elia y Bautista Buljebich, nuestro tema de investigacion era El Producto Final (continuo o discontinuo).
El cual analizamos y dimos ejemplos en un google drive.

Passion by Kathleen Raine

1- Look for information about the writer ( 3 important things that happened in her life that may have influenced her Writting).
2- Check the meaning of «passion»
3-Read the poem and check the meaning of new words

-One of the things that influence in her Writting was, her master, William Blake.
-Another thing is that she was alive whene the 2 world war happened so she got really affected.
-Other thing is that her husband died so that also affected her
She was afraid of being abandoned

2- PASSION: is a strong feeling

3-Lacked: the past tense of Luck.
Holy: something very important or good in a relation