Las entervistas

En tutoria, la semana pasada cada uno le hizo entrevistas a algunos de la clase. Yo entereviste a Tomas Braun, a Valentina Re y a Marcos Okecki. Estuvo muy bueno porque pudimos aprender muchas cosas nuevas del otro, por ejemple, que le gusta hacer, o como le dicen o que hacen los fin de semana y un monton de cosas mas.
Poli tambien nos dijo que elijamos una cancion que nos guste.

Romantic Characteristics

Pato gave us as homework to find the romantic characteristics we choose in the other post to find them i The poem » The Clod and The Pebble»
This are my answers:

1)Imagination:In William´s Blake poem we can finde imagination because in stanza 2 of these poem it says
» So sung a little Clod of Clay
trodden with cattle´s feet,
But a Pebble of the brooke
Warbled out these meters meet»
This stanza says the feelings of a Clod of Clay and the feelings of the Pebble. He uses the clod and the pebble like they were living things and have feelings and emotions.
2)Nature:I think this poem is related wit nature because the protagonists are to elements of natature a Clod and a Pebble.
3)Emotion: In my opinion in this poem its a lot of emotion, because the characters, the Clod and the Pebble, are talking very deep about love. They are showing there opinion about their expiriencese. Here is something and the different opinions they have about love
The Clod says:
» Love seeketh is not itself to please,
Not for itself hath any care»
The clod is saying that love is something positive, to share.
But the Pebble has not the same opinion and says:
» Love seeketh only self to please,
To bind another to its delight»
The Pebble is saying that love is something negative and selfish.
Symbolism: In this poem obviously appere symbolism, because the main characters of the poem are a Clod and a Pebble. Its not thet the writter liked the pebbles and the clods and thats why he choose them, its because they have a meaning. The pebble is solid and is not eassy to convince, its not flexible and dosen´t change its opinion. But the Clod is different its more flexible.
This are the Romantic characteristics i found in the poem.

Monday 21st- Horses

Laura told us to look at this picture and to answer some questions.
Here are my answeres:

Horeses are hervibor animals, they eat a lot of type of grasses, herbs and vegatables. They are big, tall, with large ears and with a lot of hair. They are also very fast and loevly. It is also a herd animal, without the protection of the herd is very difficult to the horese to survived in the wild.
Horses help people with neuorological problems and also people that have problems to breath and people with emotional probles. The peace of the horses help this people physically and emotionally. They also help in farms when they have to put the cows in the truck to sold them in my farm one person ride the horse and the horse push the cows to get into the truck.
They use to call young horses as colt or filly, it depends if the horse is female or male.
A horse is trained by people that are called trainers that know a lot of things to make the horse undersant you so you can ride it and be comfortable in it. Horses are trained by the trainers to ride them or to help in farms or also to help people with disabilities.
Horses are pretty, honest, friendly, strong and lovely. They are a lot of horse races.
Some horses are complicated, but they are beautiful and amazing animals and the need a lot of care and attention.To take care of him includes grooming, feeading, training and keeping your horse in a good health.

I choose this photo because it represents me when i was little riding a horese with my father. I love riding horses since i was little

la foto (5)

The Clod and The Pebble

This is the presentation Pato showed us to know more about William Blake the writter of the Clod an the Pebble

Blake from Pato_Ch

Homework for Tuesday 15th

«This poem belongs to the Romantic period.

Read the following articles and find out the characteristics of Romanticism.

Make a post in you blog and write down 5 important characteristics of the Romantic period.»

This are the 5 characteristics that i choose.

1) Imagination:
I choose imagination because its the most important charcteristic. Its the essence of all romantic poetry.
2) Nature:
I choose nature because it gives concentration and peace to the writter. So if the writter is in peace he/she can imagine a lot of beautiful things.
3) Emotion:
I choose emotion because i think that the writter when he writes she/he can feel what is wriiting and he can also express in the poem what he feels.
4) Symbolism:
I choose symbolism because i think that it giev the poem more atraction are its like you can express your self but not telling all, you can use a symbol like imagine you are saying in your poem all the time black that meanse you are sad but you didin’t said so.
5) Pastoral life:
I choose pastoral life because the pastoral life is written in many poems, the peaceful place the animals ande the humble people.