Interview- Michael Morpurgo

I) Hi Michael can i ask you some questions about your book war horse?

M) Yes sure!

I) Which do you regard as the best book you have written?

M) Who knows? you are better judge on that. It would be War Horse or Farm boy

I) Before you wrote War Horse did you have any contact with horses in your life?

M) Yes. I rode a bit, and i was very good at falling of. Claire, my wife, and my daughter Ros love riding.

I) What made you write a stroy about horses?

M) I was facinated by the realationship, the trust and affection i saw between people and horses.

I) How did you research before writing War Horse?

M) I would never have written War Horse if i had not met three men in my village who had been to war, they were my greatest sources for research.

I) How did you feel when you saw Joey on stage for the fist time?

M) Amazed as was everyone else that a creature so obviously made had somehow been filled with life. Like everybody else i found Joey has a different sort of life from a real horse.

Writing of Christian the Lion

Well kids now i am going to tell you my story, the story of how i got here. I was a little lion and some people, i don’t know why, put me in a box . I was there hours hearing strange noises and suddenly the box started moving. Then i realized, that i had been sold. I was afraid because i didn’t know where they were taking me. A little time later a blond and tall man opened the box and took me out of there.

I was raised by the blond man and another man. We were a family, i really loved them because they always gave me love. Years passed and i got bigger and bigger and the garden was at that moment to small for me, so they took me to a bigger place where another people would take care of me. I was really sad because i had to leave them but i was also very exited because the place thet took me was amazing!

One year later, i was very happy, i was the head of the lions! I was resting and suddenly i heard a familiar voices. I wanted to knew who was calling me, and i recognized them, they were my family.I ran and i gave both a hug.

Time went through and they were going to take me to Africa because i was too big for that place, as it happened before. The first thing i saw when i arrieved was an enormous place with a lot o lions. My old family came to visit me but i was interesting in other things and i have my new family.

Friendship- Writings

First writing:

Dear son:

You are 13 now! And that’s great! You start going to parties and to have new friends. Talking about friends, i want you to know that there are two types of friends, the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones are the type of friends that are always there, that make you laugh, that meke you feel comfortable. And the bad ones are the types of friends that are only with you for convinience or to boder you or simply they don’t care about you.

I know this because i have passed through it and luckily i had very good friends because i learned how to choose. And i want you to choose the good friends, the friends that love you and care about you. So please choose the ones who really love you and care about you.

Second Writing

I know my best friends since we were 5 years old and we have always been best friends. We shared tougther, summers. school, weekends, etc.

She us very pretty! She is very tall, thin, intelligent, good friend, respectful, honest, generous, lovely and she is always there to help.What i really love of our relationship is how much we trust each other and the things we have in common, like the same clothes, series, the things we eat, the things we talk about, songs, famous people, etc.

What i appriciate the most about her is her honesty and her intelligence. If you have any problem she will always there to help you.

The development of WW1

In the history our teacher, Lenny, made 8 groups. Five groups had to made the five years, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 and the other three groups had to presentations with the topics related to WW1 for example, trenches, life of soldiers and Journies end. Abril Teran Frias, Valentina Re, Trinidad Porretti and i, made a presentation about trenches.

These are all the presentations:







Life of Soldiers

Journey’s end

Games at Twilight- Anita Desai

In literature class we answers some questions we have on the booklet about de story Games at Twilight.

This is what i did with Juana Zufriategui and Valentina Re

Childhood ‪experience.
The effects of environment.
Growing up is painful.
Death of innocence.
1)The writer shows that the atmosphere at the beginning of the story is oppressive connecting the weather with the people feelings, because of the hot and suffocating weather the people are feeling confinement and they can’t breathe. She also uses a lot of metaphors and adjectives to describe the situation.
2) Mira: she is the most responsible of the kids. Mira is a motherly and always solve the problems with mother attitudes.
Manu: he is the youngest of the kids and he feels inspired by the older children. Manu wants to play with them but he feels insecure.
Raghu: he is the oldest of the children and he wants to show his superiority. The youngest kids feel inspired by him and admire him.
3) a. At the beginning Ravi feels very scared. This is a place where he doesn’t feel comfortable at all. It is a place that is very dark and lonely.
b. The shed is described as a place that is dark, spooky, has bad smell, ant hills, dust, spiderwebs and is a place where are kept the thigs that are not used.This details are important to understand Ravi’s feelings because if the writer describes very detailed the place you can imagine how bad he was feeling inside the shed.
c. Ravi feels victorious because he feels inferior to Raghu and escaping of him makes him feels very well. Once he entered the shed he feels so scared that having Raghu near makes him feel protected.
d. Ravi feels very scared in this new environment because he is in a place that is dark, with bad smell and where are kept the things that are not used. The fact that he is alone in that place makes him feel worse.
e. In this part of the story Ravi is daydreaming about the routine that the kids do when they play and he is feel victorious because he is sure that he is going to win the game.
f. When he is in the shed he feels victorious because he is very sure that he is going to touch the den and won the game. Ravi is secure that he is going to win Raghu and the other kids.
g. As twilight approaches Ravi feels confused because he was confident that he is going to win but suddenly he realized that he doesn’t hear the voice of the children and that obviously they were playing other games.
h. When Ravi runs out of the shed he feels misery because nobody pay attention to him and nobody have realized that he was not with them. He feels sad because he had lose the game ours ago and the kids don’t care about him.
i. When the other children saw Ravi they were mixed up because they didn’t even remember that they were playing with him. The kids were very confused when they saw Ravi touching the den but they didn’t care so Ravi started to cry.
j. Ravi feels upset because he want to continue playing hide and seek, obviously because he think that he had won. He really wants the kids to recognize that he had won the game.
k. The lesson that he learn about life is that growing up is painful but it is the circle of life and that if he want that the old children pay attention to him he have to grow and participle in the games as a mature person.
l. The end of the story represent a complete reversal for Ravi because when he was in the shed he was feeling victorious and in the end when he get out of the shed and realized that the kids doesn’t care about him he lose hope and feels disappointed.

Essay Writing- Passion

In literature, Pato, gave us a task that was to make an Essay of the poem passion with senior 2. She made pairs or groups of three. I was with Rosario Vago and this is our essay.

Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she feels about love.

In the poem passion, Kathleen Raine uses nature to express how she feels about love. The writer uses nature and many literary devices such as simile, personification or metaphor, to express how her feelings were changing through the poem.
If you look at the first stanza, in the first line you can realize that she is using nature to express her feelings, “ Full of desire i lay, the sky wounding me,” through this first line you can see how depressed and sad she is and how she express her feelings using nature. In the second stanza she makes you understand why she is so depressed by telling us this: “Waiting for the longed-for voice to speak through the mute telephone, my body grew weak” in this quote she is telling us why she is so cheerless, because she was waiting for a call that never appeared. Furthermore, in stanza three and four you can perfectly see that nature is talking to her: “ Then the sky spoke to me in language clear, familiar as the heart, than love more near. The sky said to my soul, ‘You have what you desire’ ” In this stanza the sky is saying to her that she doesn’t have to be depressed because she already has what she wants and deserved.

Moreover, if we analyze stanza 4 the sky is still talking to her saying that she is surrounded by nature, that nature will always stay with her: “ Know now that you are born along with these clouds, winds, and stars, and ever-moving seas and the forest dwellers. This is your nature.” In this stanza as we said before, the sky says that she is connected with nature. In stanza 5 the sky is still talking. In this stanza nature is present when the sky said, “ this world you with the flower and with the tiger share” In this line the sky says that we live in a world full of ups and downs so she has to choose between being sad and depressed all her life or pass through the situation, move on and be happy again. Finally, in the last stanza, you can see a big change in her mind and how she thinks. Now she is very positive and hopeful:“ This world i saw as on her judgment day when the war ends, and the sky rolls away, and all is light, love and eternity” In the this quote you can clearly see the change she had made and how positive and hopeful she is now.

In conclusion,these are the differents situations where the writer, Kathleen Raine, expresses all the feelings of the voice using nature. We can clearly see the change she had made through nature, first she was depressed and sad but now she has completely changed her mind and she is positive and hopeful. She had understood that life moves on and she have to recover and continue.

Lucía Caviglione and Rosario Vago