Games at Twilight- Anita Desai

In literature class we answers some questions we have on the booklet about de story Games at Twilight.

This is what i did with Juana Zufriategui and Valentina Re

Childhood ‪experience.
The effects of environment.
Growing up is painful.
Death of innocence.
1)The writer shows that the atmosphere at the beginning of the story is oppressive connecting the weather with the people feelings, because of the hot and suffocating weather the people are feeling confinement and they can’t breathe. She also uses a lot of metaphors and adjectives to describe the situation.
2) Mira: she is the most responsible of the kids. Mira is a motherly and always solve the problems with mother attitudes.
Manu: he is the youngest of the kids and he feels inspired by the older children. Manu wants to play with them but he feels insecure.
Raghu: he is the oldest of the children and he wants to show his superiority. The youngest kids feel inspired by him and admire him.
3) a. At the beginning Ravi feels very scared. This is a place where he doesn’t feel comfortable at all. It is a place that is very dark and lonely.
b. The shed is described as a place that is dark, spooky, has bad smell, ant hills, dust, spiderwebs and is a place where are kept the thigs that are not used.This details are important to understand Ravi’s feelings because if the writer describes very detailed the place you can imagine how bad he was feeling inside the shed.
c. Ravi feels victorious because he feels inferior to Raghu and escaping of him makes him feels very well. Once he entered the shed he feels so scared that having Raghu near makes him feel protected.
d. Ravi feels very scared in this new environment because he is in a place that is dark, with bad smell and where are kept the things that are not used. The fact that he is alone in that place makes him feel worse.
e. In this part of the story Ravi is daydreaming about the routine that the kids do when they play and he is feel victorious because he is sure that he is going to win the game.
f. When he is in the shed he feels victorious because he is very sure that he is going to touch the den and won the game. Ravi is secure that he is going to win Raghu and the other kids.
g. As twilight approaches Ravi feels confused because he was confident that he is going to win but suddenly he realized that he doesn’t hear the voice of the children and that obviously they were playing other games.
h. When Ravi runs out of the shed he feels misery because nobody pay attention to him and nobody have realized that he was not with them. He feels sad because he had lose the game ours ago and the kids don’t care about him.
i. When the other children saw Ravi they were mixed up because they didn’t even remember that they were playing with him. The kids were very confused when they saw Ravi touching the den but they didn’t care so Ravi started to cry.
j. Ravi feels upset because he want to continue playing hide and seek, obviously because he think that he had won. He really wants the kids to recognize that he had won the game.
k. The lesson that he learn about life is that growing up is painful but it is the circle of life and that if he want that the old children pay attention to him he have to grow and participle in the games as a mature person.
l. The end of the story represent a complete reversal for Ravi because when he was in the shed he was feeling victorious and in the end when he get out of the shed and realized that the kids doesn’t care about him he lose hope and feels disappointed.

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