Interview- Michael Morpurgo

I) Hi Michael can i ask you some questions about your book war horse?

M) Yes sure!

I) Which do you regard as the best book you have written?

M) Who knows? you are better judge on that. It would be War Horse or Farm boy

I) Before you wrote War Horse did you have any contact with horses in your life?

M) Yes. I rode a bit, and i was very good at falling of. Claire, my wife, and my daughter Ros love riding.

I) What made you write a stroy about horses?

M) I was facinated by the realationship, the trust and affection i saw between people and horses.

I) How did you research before writing War Horse?

M) I would never have written War Horse if i had not met three men in my village who had been to war, they were my greatest sources for research.

I) How did you feel when you saw Joey on stage for the fist time?

M) Amazed as was everyone else that a creature so obviously made had somehow been filled with life. Like everybody else i found Joey has a different sort of life from a real horse.

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