Writing of Christian the Lion

Well kids now i am going to tell you my story, the story of how i got here. I was a little lion and some people, i don’t know why, put me in a box . I was there hours hearing strange noises and suddenly the box started moving. Then i realized, that i had been sold. I was afraid because i didn’t know where they were taking me. A little time later a blond and tall man opened the box and took me out of there.

I was raised by the blond man and another man. We were a family, i really loved them because they always gave me love. Years passed and i got bigger and bigger and the garden was at that moment to small for me, so they took me to a bigger place where another people would take care of me. I was really sad because i had to leave them but i was also very exited because the place thet took me was amazing!

One year later, i was very happy, i was the head of the lions! I was resting and suddenly i heard a familiar voices. I wanted to knew who was calling me, and i recognized them, they were my family.I ran and i gave both a hug.

Time went through and they were going to take me to Africa because i was too big for that place, as it happened before. The first thing i saw when i arrieved was an enormous place with a lot o lions. My old family came to visit me but i was interesting in other things and i have my new family.

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