The Prison

In literature class, Pato asked us to watch the slidshare she had done with Senior 1 last year. After watching it we were asked to analyze it and compare it with the one we did this year.

Lucía Caviglione &  Abril Teran:

In our opinion the slideshare is very complete, it is full of useful information. After we compared it with the one we did this years we found some diferences:

  1. On the one and, in our presentation, in comparison with the one of last year, we did not add the biography of the author, this is important because some facts of his life might influenced in the story. Another diference is that they analyzed the point of view of the story, which is 3rd person omniscient.
  2. On the other hand, in our slideshare we analyzed determinism and foreshadowing in the story, in comparison with the one created last year. Determinism, in our opinion, is basic for the story because it explains exactly the situation of Tommy, he couldn´t make decisions by his own, his mind was trapped in a “Prison”. Foreshadowing, it is also present when Tommy´s desire was to grab the girl of her neck until she threw up. This was exactly what happened in the end, what Rosa did. In addition, we clarify, that at the end of the story Tony made a decision for his first time, although it was a wrong decision. Finally Rite of Passage is not present in the slideshare of senior 2. 



Rite of Passage – Games at Twilight and The Prison

After making the slideshare, we compare in pairs or in threes, the Rite of the Passege with the stories we read Games at Twilight and The prison. Also we were asked to found a specular moment, epiphany and foreshadowing.

This is what i did with Abril Teran Frias and Trinidad Porretti:



1- The unattainable object of desire

Games at Twilight:The unattainable object of desire in Games at Twilight was that Ravi wanted to win the game and defeat Raghu. In the story there is a moment in which Ravi describes Raghu physically, «Raghu´s long, hefty, hairy footballer legs». This shows how inferior he felt while he was with him. Also his big ambition to win the game, «He hugged his knees together and smiled to himself almost shyly at the thought of so much victory» This shows how much he wanted to win the game. Although, he didn’t end up being a champion.

The Prison:The unattainable object of desire in The Prison is that Tommy\Tony wanted to help the girl.  In the story there is a moment which shows how much Tony/Tommy wanted to save her, “He felt he ought to do something for her» This shows the desire she had to assist the girl, when he was the one who had the problem. However, he didn’t put his thoughts and desires into actions, he was a prisoner of his own body.

2- Trespassing  

Games At Twilight: We can see trespassing in Games at Twilight when Ravi was playing with his friends in the veranda, and his mother told them that they couldn’t go outside it, they promised her that they won’t cross the limit of the porch, “ ‘Please, ma, please,’ they begged. ‘We’ll play in the veranda and porch – we won’t go a step out of the porch’ “. In spite of this fact, they did go out of the veranda/porch. He desified the authority, his mother, to show his maturity.

The Prison:  We can see trespassing in The Prison when Tony\Tommy bought a slot machine to make money without telling Rosa and her father. He knew that Rosa and her father would not accept it, and he bought it anyway. Here we can see that he trespasses the authority.

3- Dare

Games At Twilight: There is a dare\challenge in Games at Twilight when Ravi entered to the shed to win the game, although it was a spooky and dark place, he was afraid of.

The Prison: In this story the third element is present, we can see that dare\challenge was saving the girl from being a thief. He thought that saving the girl from being a thief was the purpose of his life.

4- The mischief “should be owned up”

Games At Twilight: This element is not present in the story because Ravi did not act in a maturing way, he did not end up understanding that the game was over. This shows he was still a kid and did not finish the rite of passage.

The Prison: This element is also not present in the story because Tomy did not act in a maturing way, he hitted Rosa, and someone mature doesn’t do that. This shows that he did not finish the rite of passage, he was still maturing.

5- There should be an act of atonement

Games at Twilight: This element isn’t present in the story because Ravi didn’t accept that the game was over and he had lost, in addition, he didn’t say sorry to his mother for desifying her when he went out of the limit of the veranda.

The Prison: This element isn’t present in the Prison because he didn’t apologize with Rosa for hitting her and he didn’t end up accepting that the one who should be saved was him, not the girl.

    A) Specular moment:


GAT: The specular moment of the story is the moment when Ravi sees himself reflected in Manu because they were both the little kids of the group, they were defenseless. He realised that Raghu would go after him because he had already caught Manu.

TP: The specular moment of the story is the moment when Tommy sees himself reflected in the girl because in the past he lied to a policeman with his uncle Dom and robbed a lobster

    B)  Foreshadowing:

GAT: There is foreshadowing in Games at Twilight when Raghu says to Manu “You are dead”, because this was foreshadowing what would happen to Ravi in the future, the death of his innocence\childhood.

TP: There is foreshadowing in The Prison when

    C) Epiphany:

GAT: There is an epiphany in Games at Twilight when Ravi realises he is “insignificant” because no one cared about him, he realised that he was forgotten, and that maturing\growing up was a painful process.

TP: There is an epiphany in The Prison when Tony\Tommy realises that his mind was a prison, he couldn’t put his thoughts into actions and he couldn’t take his own decisions. We can see this through this quote; “ You could never see the sky outside or the ocean because you were in a prison, except nobody called it a prison, and if you did they didn’t know what you were talking about, or they said they didn’t”.

Essay Writting- Games at Twilight

In Literature, with Pato, we read a story called Games at Twilight. After reading it Pato ask us to make an essay.

Here is my essay!

In “Games at Twilight” mood and atmosphere play an important role. Comment closely on this.

In “ Games at Twilight” the mood and atmosphere varies a lot and take a very important role in the story. Through Ravi’s feelings we can see this change.


First of all, i want to focus on Ravi’s feelings when he uses the shed as his perfect place to hide. As soon as he enters, he has a mixture of feelings such as “ oppression”, “suffocation” and a “muffled smell, as of graves”; this olfactory image makes the reader feel the atmosphere of death that foreshadows what will happen to Ravi in the end of the story.


Second of all, Ravi spend too much time “daydreaming” and he forgets that he was playing a game and that part of the game is to “touch the den”, this foreshadows that as he forgets one part of the game and he is in the place of the “forgotten things” he will end being forgotten by his family.


Finally, Ravi went out of the shed because he realized that the children were playing another game and he started crying and shouting, “ Den! Den! Den!” This quotation shows how innocent he is and how disappoint he feels when he learns that they have “forgotten” him, especially when his mother tells him “stop it, stop it, Ravi. Don’t act like a baby”, this shows the reader that Ravi is still a kid and that he has a very long way to maturity and also that growing up is a process that he has to pass through and he has to accept it and live with it.
In conclusion, the atmosphere and the weather develop through Ravi’s feelings and emotions depending on the different situations he had gone through.

Descripcion de Beth

En la clase de lengua, con Carol, empezamos a leer una novela, » Crímenes Imperceptibles». Después de haber leído 5 capítulos, Carol nos pidió que resolviéramos esta actividad:

  1. Releer el final del capítulo 5
  2. Extraer 3 citas
  3. Escribir a partir de esa información, un texto de 150 palabras en el que describas a Beth, (incluyendo citas)



Primera cita: » No creo que nadie lo sepa. Era lo que había estado esperando durante todo este tiempo. Desde hace años. Aunque suene terrible decirlo: desde que supe que tenía cáncer. Me imaginaba que ocurriría casi como fue, que alguien vendría a decírmelo, en la mitad de un ensayo».

Segunda cita: » me agradeció, aliviada, y se dejó caer sobre una de las sillas. Miro algo aturdida en torno y vio mis papeles desparramados sobre el escritorio

-Estabas estudiando- dijo- no quisiera interrumpirte».

Tercera cita:  «-¿Que es una mujer sin secretos?»


Beth, una joven de 29 años, es la nieta de una señora llamada Mrs Eagleton, ella le alquila un cuarto a nuestro narrador. Los padres de Beth murieron cuando ella era una niña pequeña y ella quedo a cargo de su abuela.Pero a pesar de eso, es muy educada y respetuosa, como podemos ver en esta cita  «me agradeció, aliviada, y se dejó caer sobre una de las sillas. Miro algo aturdida en torno y vio mis papeles desparramados sobre el escritorio

-Estabas estudiando- dijo- no quisiera interrumpirte».

Además, a Beth, se la describe como una hermosa joven de ojos azules, indefensa y buena, pero después logramos darnos cuenta que ella no es tan inocente como nosotros creíamos. Ella lo que mas deseaba era que su abuela se muera para poder ser más independiente y no tener que estar cuidando de ella, esta es la cita que lo prueba, » No creo que nadie lo sepa. Era lo que había estado esperando durante todo este tiempo. Desde hace años. Aunque suene terrible decirlo: desde que supe que tenía cáncer. Me imaginaba que ocurriría casi como fue, que alguien vendría a decírmelo, en la mitad de un ensayo».

Por último, también podemos ver que esta joven,  es muy misteriosa. Oculta secretos y te da a entender que no saldrán nunca a la luz como muy bien lo demuestra esta cita extraída del capitulo 5, «-¿Que es una mujer sin secretos?»

En conclusión,  Beth tiene una personalidad extraña y cambiante y en mi opinion aparenta ser alguien que no es, pero eso lo veremos a lo largo del cuento.

Un primer comienzo..

Hoy a la tarde, con Mariana, tuvimos nuestro primer prueba del diseño del material. Para organizarnos bien, hicimos distintos grupos que se encargaban de algo y ordenamos la clase de manera tal que entre todo y estemos cómodos. Algunos chicos se encargaban de hacer su diseño pegando le papeles uno arriba del otro, haciendo formas, etc. Y otros chicos se encargaban de ver cuanto tenia que medir la cartuchera para que entre todo y después planchar arriba de los diseños para que todas las formas que ellos habían elegido se unan.

Acá esta lo que dibujo Mariana en clase para que organizemos la clase según los grupos y donde nos íbamos a ubicar.


Yo, me encargaba del planchado. Al principio no fue tan fácil porque no sabíamos bien cuanto tiempo había que dejar la plancha sobre el cartón, que temperatura debía tener la plancha y demás. También que algunas bolsas se arrugaban mucho o otras no pegaban, entonces fuimos descartando las que no servían para que los que hacían el diseño lo tengan en cuenta. Después de haber planchado y » arruinado» por decir de alguna manera, algunos trabajos de los chicos, nos fuimos dando cuenta de como se hacia para que quede bien. Fuimos tomando el tiempo y nos dio que para que quede bien la plancha tiene que estar alrededor de 1:30, 2 sobre el cartón. También que cuantos mas capas de bolsa tenga mejor va a quedar el diseño, porque, aunque te va a llevar mas tiempo plancharla, te va a quedar mucho mejor y no se va a arruinar. Otra cosa, que la plancha no tiene que estar muy caliente, porque se quema, pero tampoco en mínimo porque no logras que se pegue el papel. Por eso lo que hicimos con Marcos y Anouk que fueron los que me ayudaron, decidimos poner la plancha justo en la mitad de la temperatura, que seria mas o menos un » intermedio» entre el mínimo y máximo. Ademas vimos que al dejar la plancha apoyada sobre el cartón mas o menos unos 5 segundos, las bolsas se unían mas y le daba una textura y color que quedaba muy lindo , pero obviamente después de probar un montón de veces.

Este fue un comienzo de lo que sera un gran proyecto. Todavía tenemos que seguir trabajando mucho pero quedo bastante bien y estuvo buena la experiencia.

Acá hay algunas fotos del trabajo que hicimos:

luli 27 hola bb hola bb1 hola bb2 holabb3


Vocabulary- War Horse

This is some vocabulary from the book we are reading, War Horse. My group, Valen, Trini, Marcos, Viole and me made this doc with the defintions, pictures and some videos.



Definition: To touch someone or something gently and usually repeatedly with the hand flat

Example:  He patted his horse’s head because of the good job he had made ploughing the land.




Definition:To run at a slow\normal speed, using short steps.

Example: My horse and I trotted along the lane.





Definition: To walk with regular and measured tread.

Example: The soldiers were marching through the city.





Definition: To lower and raise the head quickly, as in agreement or acknowledgement.

Example: She asked him if he was feeling right, and he nodded.





Definition: Look searchingly

Example:  Albert peered at my eyes and then went back to what he was doing before.




Definition: To draw air through the nose in short, audible inhalations.

Example: Joey sniffed Albert’s hand.





Definition: The cry of a horse

Example: Albert heard Joey, his horse, neigh for him again and again.


A close up of a horse neighing.


Toss up:

Definition:  to throw or send from one to another, as in a play.

Example: To toss a ball


toss up



Definition: movement of nose.

Example: the horse wriggle his nose.