Unit 9.1: Weimar Republic Sources

This are our analysis of the sources found along the unit 9.1 of our History Coursebook, about the German Weimar Republic. I’ve worked with Anouk de Laferrere

Source 1:

In 1918, although Ebert was unwilling to sign the Treaty of Versailles, he and his Weimar Republic accepted and brought Germany to an economic disaster. This source is an extract from Hitler’s biography, which criticises the Treaty of Versialles signed in 1919, after World War 1. As this treaty punished and humilliated the German economy, empire and people, Adolf Hitler, a German leader, hated it.

Source 3:

In 1923, the French and Belgian troops accesed the Ruhr, an area under the terms of Treaty of Versailles, and took the money owed by the Germans in raw materials. This fragment shows the memories of a German woman who lived in the Ruhr during the French occupation. She retells the sufferings that the French caused. The violence, the hunger, the poverty, the humilliation and the abuse that the society was submitted to.

Source 4:

By signing the Treaty of Versailles in 1918, Britain & France, especially, gained a lot of power, bringing Germany to her collapse. This picture is a British cartoon from 1921. It shows how was the relationship between France & Britain and Germany. While Germany is suffering in a devastating state, the leaders of France & Britain, are not willing to help her, taking advantage of her situation at that time.

Source 9:

In 1923 the German population was submited to an extreme hyperinflation, in which as it had not goods to trade, money begun to be worthless. Source 9 expresses the German thoughts about the causes of hyperinflation. They found the repartations, which they had to pay due to the Treaty of Versailles, and the Weimar Republic, for accepting that responsability, blameworthy.

Source 13:

After the Kaiser’s time, in 1920’s, Germany had expercienced a golden age for cinema. There arised one of its greatest international stars, Marlene Dietrich. Source 13 shows a poster from one of her movies. The movie is called “Blonde Venus” directed and produced by Josef Von Sternberg.

By: Luli Caviglione,  Anouk de Laferrere and Juana Zufriategui

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