News Report- Mexico Earthquake

This is my news report of Mexico’s Earthquake. I’ve worked with Trinidad Porretti

Devastating Earthquake Strikes Mexico

                 A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck southern Mexico on Tuesday at 2:15 pm. The epicentre of the earthquake was in Puebla State, but then it spread to other cities, leaving approximately 277 casualties.


                Mexico and Morales were the cities which were hit the hardest by the earthquake besides Puebla State. It is believed that this earthquake is an aftershock of the one that took place a week ago, the 8th of September, in the same place, as it is an usual thing to happen. There have been 86 deaths in Mexico city, 71 in Morelos and 46 in Puebla State. It is an extremely rare coincidence that these earthquake took place on the anniversary of the one that devastated Mexico 32 years ago. Dozens of buildings have collapsed, including more than 40 in Mexico City alone.

                  Citizens and rescuers have been working tirelessly through the night in order to dig people out of the rubble. Not only have the citizens provided help, but also various foreign countries have donated and helped the cause. Electricity has been cut off for many city dwellers and the government is reportedly trying to fix this issue. Among the buildings that have collapsed is an elementary school, which collapsed killing at least 21 children and several adults. Furthermore, 15 people were killed when church in the slopes of a volcano, which appeared to have a small eruption following the earthquake, collapsed during the a mass.

                  This calamitous event ended the lives of many and destroyed hundreds of buildings, leaving many inhabitants homeless. The Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has called out to the population to remain calm while the agents assess the damage. World leaders have expressed their sympathy and offered support for Mexico, which will need the help to recover from the fatale earthquake.


Trinidad Porretti & Lucia Caviglione

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