He is a RAINBOW- Poem

Last class our literature teacher, Pat, gave us a new creative task: we had to create our own poem. The activity was divided into four steps. First of all, we had to choose a picture we like, it could be any picture but it had to been taken by us. Once we had chosen the picture, we moved on into the next step. We had to write five nouns, five adjectives and five verbs that the photo we had chosen transmitted to us; this was very useful as it helped us a lot to organised our ideas and the words we where going to use in our poem. After we had chosen those 15 words, we had to include any literary devices to use in our pieces of writing; it could be a metaphor, simile, alliteration, personification, etc. We could include as much as we wanted, but two where compulsory. Finally, after we had done all the steps, we where ready to start our writing.

I choose a photo I had taken last week to one of my best friends, Marcos. We where buying an ice-cream and a ray of light which formed a rainbow was reflected on his body. We found it amazing and fun so we started taking pictures. When pat told us to chose a picture we like I decided to choose that one as it reminds me of a very joyful moment; a moment where I was laughing and hanging with my friend and enjoying how free and happy he was at last. I admire him and his strength so much that when our teacher told us to chose a photo and write a poem about it, I found it perfect to write about him.

About his journey, about how difficult was for him to finally be what he wants, to finally show his true self. I found very inspiring writing about how difficult life was for him; how hard he had to fight, how he gave up when he couldn’t stand living like that anymore. But the most inspiring thing was the strength and the courage he had to carry on in spite of what he had gone through. In spite of the suffering, in spite of the pain he decided to stop and show himself as he really was. He decided to stop hiding and be who he really wanted to be.

I consider him as an example of self love, of bravery. Of caring so much about yourself and who you truly are. Of defending and fighting in what you truly believe in no matter the critics, no matter the consequences.

Personally I really enjoyed this task as I really like writing. I consider it is a way of escaping and being able to put into words my emotions. To put into words what is crossing my mind and see it from a different perspective. I love writing and I consider it’s very useful in all aspects of life; not only when we are sad or we don’t know what to do with our pain, but also with the happy moments, with the experiences that help us grow.

This are the nouns, verbs, and adjectives that I chose:

  • Nouns: light, colors, rainbow, happiness, friend
  • Verbs: loving, enjoying, smiling, feeling, sensing
  • Adjectives: bright, peaceful, free, pure

This is the photo:

This are the literary devices:

  • Simile: as free as the wind
  • Metaphor: all of a sudden life made an unexpected turn; he finally felt his body burn. 

Finally this is the poem!

he is a rainbow.

he tried so hard not to be one,

that without knowing he started to run. 

run away from the world, from the people, who didn’t seem to realize how lost he was; how far away he was from home. 


the worst nightmare in which he seemed to be, 

kept him away from his dreams, from those things in which he strongly believed. 

the path was so unclear, and although he tried, he couldn’t find hope around.


one day he finally gave up,

he showed the world there was no way out. 

but what he didn’t know was that life had another plan, that he would have to find a way to shout.

a way to let the world know the truth; 

the truth of who he really was.


all of a sudden his life made an unexpected turn;

he finally felt his body burn. 

for the first time in years he felt truly alive, 

knowing that never again he would have to hide. 

his true essence was there, and he didn’t care; 

he didn’t care about the critics or complaints,

as little by little he saw himself smile again. 


he is a rainbow. 

he only knows how hard the journey was,

to be where he really belongs. 

although sometimes the past hunts him down, he knows he’s not going back. 

he now knows that a wild storm is needed first, for the rainbow to be at its best. 

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