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I created an artwork about how us, human beings, are the cause of all the pollution and contamination in the world. I inspired my work on a masterpiece created by a well known artist; PEJAC. This masterpiece was made in 2016 and it’s one of PEJAC’s most known work. I was really caught by the message of his painting and all that it transmits, so I decided to create an artwork that gives the same message. In his work PEJAC makes the message very clear; the world is dying, and humans are responsible, responsible for the pollution of the rivers and oceans. It perfectly shows the huge damage we have done to the world. This is an issue that’s occurring since always and that needs to stop. A change needs to be done. I consider that this problem is extremely important and people should care and do something about it as it affects us all. So I decided to base my own work on this same message; pollution and contamination. 


The process of creation of my artwork was, at first, very stressful. I had a lot of ideas and things I wanted to transmit but I didn’t know how to put them into practice and create a work which would transmit my ideas as I imagined them. My first idea was to do something that had to do with a collage and cutting things to give different shapes and volume which would provoke more impact. I thought about using trash and stick it to the the paper, but i didn’t knew what to draw in the middle. I realized that the message that I wanted to transmit was about the world and how us humans are damaging it not measuring the consequences. So another idea came to my mind; I could cut faces from magazines and stick them on the page and draw in the middle a world. I was very satisfied by that idea although I realised that the message was not clear enough. So, after thinking and having many doubts about what to do, I decided to draw fists on both sides of the world to cause the effect that humans beings are “hitting the world” which means they are damaging it a lot. I collected some magazines and cut some faces, all with different shapes and sizes, which I would use for my work. While doing all the cutting, I saw a painting of a world full of animals and flowers on one page of a magazine which I liked a lot. So I decided to inspire myself and draw my world similar to the one on the picture. I consider that the most difficult part was to draw the fists as at first I didn’t know how to start drawing. I decided to base my drawings on some models I found on the internet because I wanted my work to be as precise as possible. 


With all my ideas know clear in my head I started to draw, cut, paint, stick and correct every detail. I am very happy with my final result, as it’s not as precise as I imagined I consider that I put my best effort and it is really shown in my work. Besides, the most important thing about my work is that it has to transmit a specific message as PEJAC’s, and I consider the message is clearly transmitted.