Heart and Mind-By Edith Sitwell

In our Literature class, we read a poem called «Heart and Mind» which is a poem we will be tested on in our International exam, the IGCSE. After reading and analyisng it all together our teacher, Pato, gave us an esay question and told us to write an essay about it.

Here’s my essay:

Essay Question: «The poem extends the argument that the heart and the mind are irrevocably different. Comment closely on this»

         Heart and mind, by Edith Sitwell, is a brilliantly crafted poem that deals with two binary opposites which are the heart and the mind. These are portrayed by three different narrators. The writer uses three narrators through all the poem, to convey the disparity between this two. In spite of the variety of point of views, they all end up giving the same message, which is that if in relationship there’s only passion and no love, it won’t succeed at all.

         To begin with, in the first stanza the writer uses a Lion as the first narrator of the poem. Through this fierce animal, he introduces his focal point which is that if there’s only passion and no love in a relationship it won’t succeed. The lion tries to demonstrate the Lioness the importance of heart when it comes to a relationship by referring to the passing of time, by bringing back the “amber dust” skin the lioness used to have. Furthermore, he also uses the word “remember” to bring back the memories of their glorious days of brightness and passion which now, are over. The king of the jungle, emphasises on the fact of the aging and the loss of beauty, because as they become old, they start losing their elegance and youthfulness.  That’s why he points that, when you get old, the passion is lost, so if there’s no love from the heart but only physical and passional love, the relationship will end. By highlighting this he gives us the message that if they lose passion, they still can be one when they die, but only if love is of the heart and the mind, not only physical.

          Moreover, in the second and the third stanza, the narrator is switched into a skeleton. He emphasizes the fact that time is running out and that nothing is eternal. He uses the expression of “mourning heat of the sun” to express the fact that everything will die even nature dies in every autumn and winter. He points out that time will finish for all of us and in spite of the fact that passion had put you together with someone in the past, if there’s no love at all, now when the passion it’s finish the relationship will not survive. But if there’s love the relationship will still be one even after death. The skeleton also takes into account that passion is stronger than mind that’s why when we are in love sometimes we don’t take good decisions because “the mind is but a foolish wind” and if love is not present, this decisions will affect our future.

          Furthermore, in the fourth and last stanza the narrator changes to a sun which is talking to the moon. As we had developed in the other three stanzas the Sun is trying to emphasize the importance of the two concepts sticking together and also to show the huge difference between them. The sun tells the moon which is represent as a”lonely white crone” that life is not forever and the love of the mind and passion it’s not enough at all. He also points out that the two concepts should stick together in spite of the fact that never until time is finish “the fire of the heart and the fire of the mind be one” as they are irrevocably different.

          All in all, in this extract you can clearly see a contrast between love of mind which is based in passion, and the love of the heart, which is based in feelings and emotions. To convey this the author uses three narrators which clearly portrait the benefits that loving from the heart gives to you and also points out the fact that when love from the heart and from the mind are stick together, they are stronger. To sum up, it gives us the readers a very clear message which is that is that you need more than passion for a relationship to succeed.

Essay in Pairs- Literature

The last day before the winter holidays, in pairs, we developed an essay on Love III or » The prison» . I was with Anouk. We choose to talk about «The Prison».

This is our essay:

“Comment closely on how the protagonist of The Prison cannot escape from his ‘destiny’”

In the story “The Prison” the protagonist, Tony/Tommy, can’t escape from his destiny on account that he follows the theory of determinism.

On the one hand,, through the theory of determinism we can see how Tony/Tommy couldn’t take his own decisions, he couldn’t act upon his thoughts. He was always doubting about if what he thought was right. Moreover, he was locked in the past, he couldn’t forget what he had done wrong before. He considered that destiny was metaphorically written, that he couldn’t get away from it. This is demonstrated when he beats off to Texas, to avoid marrying Rosa, nevertheless, when he comes back, he marries her anyway. All in all, he couldn’t control his actions and thoughts in his own life. Additionally, there are numerous quotations that demonstrate this. “…When he came back everybody said it was for Rosa and the candy store, and it was all arranged again and he, without saying no, was in it”; this quotation shows, in despite of the fact that he went as far away as he could to dodge marrying Rosa Agnello, he came back and he faced what was supposed to be, his DESTINY. “…but Rosa wouldn’t let up screaming , and later her father came in shouting that he was a criminal and chopped the machine apart with a plumber’s hammer” This quote represents that, nonetheless he took his own decision, he didn’t know it was illegal and after a while what he had done was ruined. This also expresses that his actions seemed to be written, he had a prison in his mind and he can’t express his ideas. But, when he did, everything went wrong, exhibiting his destiny.

In conclusion, the protagonist of The Prison, cannot escape from his destiny. Despite of the fact that he tried to change that situation, he always ended up being a miserable person with a tragic and gloomy life, his DESTINY.


Essay Writing- Games at Twilight

This is the final version of my Essay Games at Twilight:

In “ Games at Twilight” the mood and atmosphere varies a lot and take a very important role in the story. Through Ravi’s feelings we can see this change.


First of all, i want to focus on Ravi’s feelings when he uses the shed as his perfect place to hide. As soon as he enters, he has mixture of feelings such as “ oppression”, “suffocation” and a “muffled smell, as of graves”; this olfactory image makes the reader feel the atmosphere of death that foreshadows what will happen to Ravi in the end of the story.


Second of all, Ravi spent too much time “daydreaming” and he forgot that he was playing a game and that part of the game was to “touch the den”, this foreshadows that as he forgets one part of the game and he is in the place of the “forgotten things” he will end being forgotten by his family.


Finally, Ravi went out of the shed because he realized that the children were playing another game and he started crying and shouting, “ Den! Den! Den!” This shows how innocent he is and how disappointed he feel when he learnt that they had “forgotten” him, especially when his mother told him “stop it, stop it, Ravi. Don’t act like a baby”, this quotation shows the reader that Ravi is still a kid and that he has a  very long way to maturity.
In conclusion, the atmosphere and the weather develop through Ravi’s feelings and emotions depending on the different situations he had gone through.

Essay Writing- Passion

In literature, Pato, gave us a task that was to make an Essay of the poem passion with senior 2. She made pairs or groups of three. I was with Rosario Vago and this is our essay.

Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she feels about love.

In the poem passion, Kathleen Raine uses nature to express how she feels about love. The writer uses nature and many literary devices such as simile, personification or metaphor, to express how her feelings were changing through the poem.
If you look at the first stanza, in the first line you can realize that she is using nature to express her feelings, “ Full of desire i lay, the sky wounding me,” through this first line you can see how depressed and sad she is and how she express her feelings using nature. In the second stanza she makes you understand why she is so depressed by telling us this: “Waiting for the longed-for voice to speak through the mute telephone, my body grew weak” in this quote she is telling us why she is so cheerless, because she was waiting for a call that never appeared. Furthermore, in stanza three and four you can perfectly see that nature is talking to her: “ Then the sky spoke to me in language clear, familiar as the heart, than love more near. The sky said to my soul, ‘You have what you desire’ ” In this stanza the sky is saying to her that she doesn’t have to be depressed because she already has what she wants and deserved.

Moreover, if we analyze stanza 4 the sky is still talking to her saying that she is surrounded by nature, that nature will always stay with her: “ Know now that you are born along with these clouds, winds, and stars, and ever-moving seas and the forest dwellers. This is your nature.” In this stanza as we said before, the sky says that she is connected with nature. In stanza 5 the sky is still talking. In this stanza nature is present when the sky said, “ this world you with the flower and with the tiger share” In this line the sky says that we live in a world full of ups and downs so she has to choose between being sad and depressed all her life or pass through the situation, move on and be happy again. Finally, in the last stanza, you can see a big change in her mind and how she thinks. Now she is very positive and hopeful:“ This world i saw as on her judgment day when the war ends, and the sky rolls away, and all is light, love and eternity” In the this quote you can clearly see the change she had made and how positive and hopeful she is now.

In conclusion,these are the differents situations where the writer, Kathleen Raine, expresses all the feelings of the voice using nature. We can clearly see the change she had made through nature, first she was depressed and sad but now she has completely changed her mind and she is positive and hopeful. She had understood that life moves on and she have to recover and continue.

Lucía Caviglione and Rosario Vago

First Essay

In literature class we learned to make essays. Our teacher, Pato, told us to make an essay of the Clod and the Pebble in pairs.
This is the essay i made with Valentina Re

Essay #1

Explore how blake tackles the theme of love in his poem “the clod and the pebble”

William Blake treats the theme of love showing two points of view about love.

On the one hand, we have a pebble of the brook. Blake uses the Pebble to talk about love as a selfish and horrible thing because the pebble has a lot of experience. Because of this, it is not positive, inflexible, hard and cynical, . “ And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite” This quotation symbolizes the pebble as a person that has suffered a lot.

On the other hand we have a Clod of Clay. Blake uses the Clod to talk about love as a positive and beautiful thing. Because of this it is positive, flexible, lovely and innocent., “Love seeketh not itself to please”. This quotation symbolizes the Clod as a person that, talking about love, is a very innocent person.

In conclusion Blake uses personification through thesetwo objects, the Clod the Pebble, to show different points of view about love.